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Understand the Story

Understand the Story

If we use the analogy of a puzzle, discovering God’s story is looking at the box top and seeing how that picture will apply to the pieces once they are assembled. Understanding God’s story, then, is identifying the edge pieces, the corners, and the main colors that go together to make up specific parts of the picture, then beginning to assemble the pieces slowly and building momentum as the puzzle comes together. Much of the reading that we do is passive. I don’t know about you, but often in my Bible reading I find myself skimming a page because it is so familiar, and immediately forgetting what I’ve just read. It’s the epitome of passive reading; it’s like sitting at a table, looking at puzzle pieces, and walking away. Neither my brain nor my heart feels the effect of biblical nurture... Read More

UNDERSTAND - Add to your discovery of the story by adding details in the eras

How do the 14 era's help me understand the Bible?
Testimony: Gabriela Horn

Listen as Gabriela describes how understanding the story of the Bible enriched her devotional life and equipped her for ministry.


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