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Tell the Story

Why Tell God’s Story?

“The Bible is full of errors and inaccuracies,” an unbelieving relative stated to me. She was reporting these words with such confidence that I asked her how many times she had read it. Her answer: “Never!” So, I responded with, “It sounds to me like you are rejecting something that you don’t understand. Why don’t I tell you the Bible’s story so that you can reject something that you actually understand?” I then proceeded to tell her the Bible’s story using the CBT 14 Era Story Graphic. It took less than 15 minutes to give her an overview of the story the Bible tells... Read More

Practice your new-found understanding of the Bible by telling others the whole story of the Bible!

I cannot explain the Story of the Bible

Download the 14 era story graphic here and follow along as CBT Trainer Joel Strahan pulls the Redemption Thread throughout the whole Bible. Try to capture the stories under each era and practice by adding other stories that reveal this ever-important theme found in scripture.



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Download the 14-era Graphic

Click to Download the 14-era Graphic 

Can you tell the story of the Bible using the 14 era graphic?

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