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Our Plan


Overview of the BIG STORY of the Bible (Iva May)

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A Simple Three-Step Plan

1. Discover the Story
Read through the Bible Chronologically
Memorize the 14 eras of the Bible
Read 14 eras booklet (free PDF) or buy printed version
Practice ordering the books of the Bible under each era
2. Understand the Story
Record story details under each era that give better understanding to the eras and bring out truths about who God is as He has revealed in his word and how he has worked in each era
Identify major themes in the metanarrative and look for those themes in each era (redemption, mercy, purpose for family, etc—the themes are only limited by your imagination! 
3. Tell the Story
Practice telling the story to a friend, family member or children. Tell it in such a way that is compelling to others
Pray and ask the Lord to bring you a discipleship group and walk them through the major stories of the Bible using the CBT Discipleship or Small Group materials
Teach another the story of the Bible and help them go through the same steps of to Discover, Understand and Tell the story of the Bible