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History of CBT

Chronological Bible Teaching Ministries grew out of a passion to mature believers using the Bible, rather than books about the Bible, as the primary tool.

Iva was discipling women in several small groups when she took the seminary course Chronological Bible Storying, which trained students in the methodology employed by missionaries who worked with primary oral learners. She recognized that Americans are post-literate, secondary oral learners who can read but rather get their information from media. She also understood that without a meta story, an overarching account that makes sense of the self and the world, Christians would follow a lesser story written by unregenerate entertainers and delivered through an unregenerate media.

Christians must know the meta story that the Bible tells. Therefore, Iva adapted what she learned in the course for her discipleship groups, started using her materials in 2002 with these groups, and by 2003 had written the first draft of what came to be W3: Women, Worldview, and the Word. The approach resonated with the hearts of her ladies, and they began to mature more quickly, to become biblically literate, and to apply the truths they learned from the Bible to their daily lives. By their own testimony they became better moms, wives, and Christ followers.

Several years later a group of women with whom Iva met weekly voiced their desire to get more out of their daily reading of The ONE YEAR® Chronological Bible (Tyndale) by petitioning Iva to write a blog following the reading. They set up the blog and instructed Iva on how to navigate blog life. For 365 days she wrote a devotion from the day’s reading and concluded with a set of questions to assist the women in processing what they were reading. Word spread and many signed up to receive the blog. Women then communicated their desire for hard copies of the devotional material and in 2010 Iva began printing hard copies. The CBT website was created soon after as a store for the CBT resources.

Two large churches contacted Iva in 2010 and 2011 regarding Sunday School materials, so she and Stan wrote the Teachers’ Guide, 52 Lessons — Chronological Bible Teaching to accompany the reading of two different chronological Bibles (Tyndale, Holman).

CBT was established as a nonprofit ministry in December 2011 to produce Bible literacy resources and to train people in the Bible’s meta story.

Word continued to spread and women expressed the desire to learn the meta story the Bible tells. The His Story, My Story, 14-week study was developed in 2013 to teach the big story the Bible tells era by era.

In the spring of 2014 CBT traveled overseas to Russia and taught the Bible’s meta story. That summer CBT hosted its first annual summer training event and also traveled to England to teach the story.

Husbands inquired about men’s materials which required Stan to join in the movement in 2014 by developing M3: Men, Mindset, and Message. Parents inquired about student materials thus requiring Jennifer May’s writing involvement (Jennifer participated in a W3 discipleship group a number years earlier while she attended seminary). She was assisted by Brock Sund in writing S3: Story-Shaped Students.

Today, CBT impacts churches and groups around the world; materials have been translated into three different languages, and thousands have gained greater insight into the scripture by understanding the story framework of God’s Word.