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Free video commentary, helping you understand as you read through the Tyndale One Year Chronological Bible.

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What is the difference in the W3 or M3 discipleship materials, His Story, My Story (the 14-week study) and the Chronological Bible Teaching Sunday School Materials ?

The W3 and M3 materials were developed to use with small groups of women and men to help them “chew on” and “digest” the stories of the Bible and apply truths learned to life today. Both W3 and M3 materials furnish a 52-week structure for working through key stories of the Bible’s narrative in chronological order.

The CBT Sunday School Materials were developed to provide teachers with the grand narrative of the Bible and a 52 week lesson plan that accompanies the reading of either the One Year® Chronological Bible (NIV, 1984 version) or The Reading God’s Story: A Chronological Daily Bible (Holman, 2011).

The His Story, My Story 14-week Bible study lays the foundation for the other studies by teaching the 14 eras of the grand narrative of the Bible. Teaching DVDs accompany the participant book.

Which CBT materials follow a chronological Bible reading plan?

All of the CBT materials are structured around the 14 era outline of the Bible.

Only the CBD Personal Devotional Study and the CBT Sunday School Lessons follow the reading plan of either the One Year® Chronological Bible (NIV, 1984 version) or Reading God's Story: A Chronological Daily Bible (Holman, 2011).

What is the difference between Chronological Bible Teaching and Chronological Bible Discipleship?

All teaching is a part of the discipleship process. The W3 and M3 materials were developed to use in small groups of committed learners who desire to build deeper relationships with mentors and other believers. Reading a chronological Bible is not required.

Why does the chronology differ among various Bible publishers?

Apparently, copyright laws prohibit publishers from using the exact chronology used by other publishers. Also, theologians don’t all agree with the exact placement of text that don’t provide important clues or time indicators. 

Must I wait until January 1 to begin reading the One Year® Chronological Bible?

CBT prefers the three translation option that Tyndale’s OYCB provides, but the only drawback is that it does begin on Jan 1. The CBT media resources (blog, videos) follow the Jan-Dec reading.  Readers, however, may jump in at any time of the year and join us on our Bible literacy journey. Reviewing past videos will help the reader keep up with the story the Bible tells.