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Discover the Story

Discover the Story

Have you ever bought a new novel, ripped out the chapters, reordered them, and then tried to read the novel as a story? Could you imagine the frustration? Such an approach makes no sense with a novel, but we have adopted this very method when we study the Bible. It is no surprise, then, that many become discouraged when reading the Bible. What if there were a different way to read scripture — a way that brings order and understanding? What if you could discover a storyline to the Bible and see it as one story? Discovering the chronological story of the scriptures reveals God’s nature, character, and ways. Knowing the big story of the Bible helps us know God as He has revealed Himself through scripture so that we might live with hope as we take our place in the Story...  Read More

Discover and solidify the chronological order of the Bible

I have never read through the Bible. Why is it important?
The Story Arc of the Bible

Together all sixty-six books of the Bible (including Leviticus and Ezekiel) tell the story of God’s redemptive goodwill to and through a people whom He has adopted as His very own. Their rebellion and idolatry mirror the hearts of every man. Who God is for the people of old is who He is for His people today. Without understanding the story arc of the Bible, God will be misunderstood, slandered and disbelieved. Iva May builds the story arc of the Bible. (44 minutes)


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