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The story of the Bible works.

Bible literacy drives evangelism, discipleship, missions, and apologetics.

We specialize in equipping people and churches to discover, understand and tell the entire story of the Bible.

the Story

Did you know the Bible tells a whole story? From Genesis to Revelation, there are 14 major eras of time that are covered. Discover them for yourself and find helpful tools from CBT to aid in your learning. Your journey to Bible literacy begins here.

the Story

Now that you have discovered the story, how can you understand it in a way that takes it from head-knowledge to heart-knowledge? Browse our library of articles, videos, printed resources and online library to deepen your understanding.

the Story

Once you have discovered the story and understand it for yourself, you can’t help but tell the greatest story ever told. Get tools and resources that help you tell the story and equip you to launch others into their own Bible literacy journey.