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The CBTtalks Podcast

The CBTtalks Podcast launched in 2021 to create a unique and ongoing discussion for the purpose of equipping every believer to discover, understand, and tell the big story of the Bible. CBTtalks challenges the church to engage this generation’s cultural moment. People confused about the character of God need to encounter believers who can explain the entire Bible with enthusiasm and expertise. Iva often says, “Bible literacy drives evangelism, discipleship, missions, theology, and apologetics.” We believe the story of the Bible works, so CBTtalks!


On April 29, 2022, our podcast launches a new and improved conversation. As we move toward the launch of CBT’s latest project, the Tyndale One Year Chronological Study Bible, the podcast takes on clarified focus. We desire to help both new and experienced readers of the Bible achieve a comprehensive understanding of the 14 Era Framework. To accomplish this goal, CBTtalks will drop entire seasons of binge-able content. These seasons scheduled for publication include: 


  • The 14 Eras

This season will introduce new readers to the big story of the Bible and solidify seasoned reader’s ability to explain the Bible to others. Each episode follows the basic structure of CBT’s The 14 Eras: A summary of the Story from Genesis to Revelation. Unpacking one Era per episode, the CBTtalks hosts explain the highlights, dig deep into vital concepts, and sometimes chase funny side roads of cultural application. All Eras are summarized by how God speaks, acts and reveals.


  • Threads

Experts on the CBT team will demonstrate one of the real benefits of chronological Bible study! In Every episode the hosts will trace one unique core truth through the story of Scripture and produce a conversation about real life applications in today’s cultural moment. CBTtalks listeners will take a deep dive into the process of learning to answer the cultural questions of our day with Scripture—not by simply using a few verses out of context, but by using the entirety of God’s word. 


  • Life Outside the Garden

Although the news cycle only lasts a moment, the struggles of our culture are nothing new. God prepares us for each day’s faith crises in Scripture. Every episode takes a developmental view of the cultural questions of our day and answers these questions by using the story of Scripture. Life outside the garden is marked by brokenness, confusion, and crisis. However, God shows us how to navigate these situations by faith. Scripture calls us to become “people of the ear” rather than remain “people of the eye.” This season will equip readers to learn to walk by faith, not by sight (Rom 5:7).  


CBTtalks is upgrading the production quality, content impact, and purpose of our Bible literacy conversation! Dive into whole seasons of binge-able content brimming with serious, funny, convicting, and challenging moments. The Bible is one very real story. The story of the Bible works, so CBTtalks!

Posted by Joel Strahan at 09:16
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