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The 5 Features of the OYCSB

The One Year Chronological Study Bible is designed to enable the reader to build the story of the Bible and to experience enhanced engagement. Throughout the Bible, the reader will encounter five "building blocks" provided by Chronological Bible Teaching Ministries (CBT) that go along with the daily reading plan:

Discover the Story articles: Fourteen era overviews capture the sotry narrated within each era and help readers see the story arc of the Bible

Charts/Maps: Each of the five graphics provides a visual reference to the developing story of a specific period and further enhances the contruction fo the story arc of the Bible. In addition to Old Testamdnt and New Testamant overview charts, you can find visuals throughout the text as well.

Daily Introductions: A brief introduction with each day's reading provides a snapshot of the developing story.

Discovery Questions: Each day's reading concludes with three sets of thought-provoking questions that engage the reader's attention.

Understand the story: These sixteen articles address particular themes and track God's activity through the story. Each article connects God's activity from one era to both past and future eras.

*One important caveat: If you, the reader, have time to do only one thing, READ THE TEXT of Scripture. While the introductions, questions, and other features serve as helpful guides to discovering, understanding, and telling the story, they are no substitute for God's Word.

Posted by Jake Kimmett at 21:13