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Reading the Revelation Seen by John the Apostle

What if John had not recorded the Revelation of Jesus Christ that he received on the island of Patmos?

What if the Bible had ended with Jude instead of Revelation?

Why does John's Revelation begin with a blessing, "Blessed is he who reads and those who hear the words of this prophecy, and keep those things which are written in it; for the time is near" (1:3)?

What would we not know without the Book of the Revelation of Jesus Christ?

These questions beg to be asked and answered.

Here's a brief list of the truths exclusively given in John's Revelation that blesses readers and hearers:

  • The world as we know it will be completely dismantled in a terrible, specific, and quick manner
  • The throne of heaven is the epicenter of earth's activity
  • The Lamb-state of Christ is eternal (Christ is referred to as "the Lamb" 30 times).
  • Martyrs throughout the ages will finally be vindicated.
  • God keeps the books of heaven where He records the condition of every person. 
  • The deceiver will see his day of judgment. It will be final and eternal.
  • Time will end for all humanity.
  • Judgment is certain and terrible for every unbeliever in Christ.
  • The New Jerusalem exists only for the redeemed.
  • The anti-Christ, false prophet, beast will be cast forever into the lake of fire.
  • God assesses His churches.
  • The Lamb will marry His bride and she is the church.
  • Tears, sin, the curse, and death have an expiry date. There is only the Tree of Life in the new heavens and earth.
  • People from every tribe, language, and nation will worship the Lamb.
  • Joyous worship of the Lamb will flood heaven continually.
  • God will dwell with His people.
  • The story ends well for the redeemed and terribly for the unbelieving.

John doesn't promise a blessing to those who understand fully his revelation, but he does promise a blessing to those who read and hearkeep in their hearts the words of his prophecy and live hopefully and purposefully in light of the truths revealed therein.

The book of Jude would have been a cliff-hanger to the story that the Bible tells. John's Revelation, however, closes the story of time and introduces the eternal heavenly sequel where the redeemed will experience continuous joy in the precence of our great God. 

~Iva May





Posted by Iva May at 8:21 AM
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