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How to Use the OYCSB Personally

Personal daily Bible reading is critical to one’s spiritual formation.The Bible in Psalm One and other places lists multiple benefits to those that regularly read and study God’s Word:

  • Without discernment from the Word, People embrace wrong counsel, paths, and lifestyles. The Word warns us regarding these false ways. 
  • The Word provides believers with deep roots to weather the difficult and dangerous storms of life.
  • God has revealed Himself through His Word. He is knowable through the Word in ways that He cannot otherwise be known.
  • Daily Bible reading reminds the reader that God is King, submission to His Word is vital for life, and there is an ultimate reward for the righteous and judgment on the wicked. 
  • The fruitful life that blesses future generations comes from knowing God through His Word. 

The following plan from The One Year Chronological Study Bible will help you use the features of this bible as you read personally:

  • Read through the Bible chronologically using The One Year Chronological Study Bible .

  • Use a journal to record your observations and your answers to the discovery questions .

  • Memorize the 14 eras and the bullet points under each era.

  • Use the Old Testament and New Testament overview charts to place the books of the Bible in order under each era .

  • Identify major themes in the developing story, and look for those themes in each era as the story develops (for example, redemption, mercy, relational brokenness, pride, or judgment) .

  • Practice telling the story from time to time with a friend or family member .

  • Use one or more of CBT’s weekly re- sources (blog, podcast, videos) found at 14ErasBible .com

  • Choose a verse (or several verses) out of the reading that captures God’s good character, or human responsibility, or any other significant theme or idea, and memorize that verse(s).

Posted by Jake Kimmett at 22:16