Training Event: July 22, 2017
Immanuel Baptist Church, Olive Branch, MS
8:30 am – 3:00 pm
THREADS Training Event: Participants will develop a theme and trace it chronologically through the eras of the Bible using the appropriate stories in order that they might grow in their own Bible literacy and be able to teach it to others.

Registrants will choose 1 of 5 threads to participate in building, retelling and teaching the story to each other throughout the day of training (The New To CBT track will be available to those new to CBT). Threads include:

  • Intimacy with God (Jennifer May): How do you maintain a relationship with someone invisible?  How do you grow closer to someone you cannot touch?  This workshop will focus on identifying intimate relationships with God throughout the 14 Eras, investigating the aspects of closeness to Him within different people’s relationships to Him, and helping us to see how we can grow to have a rich, communicative friendship with God.
  • My Family and the Gospel (Amy and Austin Whittington): The Bible tells the story of God’s grand vision for the family to advance the gospel message in every generation. From beginning to end, Scripture teaches the importance of multigenerational faithfulness as part of God’s plan to reach the nations. When God’s vision shapes the life of a family, His story becomes their story.
  • Redemption Thread (Joel Strahan): Our lives are a vapor.  We have a limited amount of time to know God’s story, become expert communicators of it and share it with the world.  Most people have never met someone who can explain the story of the Bible to them.  Is God calling you, your family or your church to be better stewards of the Gospel this year?  This workshop is for you.
  • Sovereignty of God vs Responsibility of Man (Stan May): Scripture illumines the twin tracks of Divine sovereignty and human responsibility; knowing God’s story gives believers the tools to unpack these tracks not by appealing to isolated proof-texts but rather by understanding God’s ways and seeing His works. God’s timeless sovereignty operates conjointly with real-time human choices that have timely consequences.
  • Women Outside of Eden (Heather Strahan): In the Bible God honors women of faith by using them to influence the culture around them.  Tracing and learning this thread through the Bible provides us with a powerful message to women today who God has positioned to influence today’s culture toward godliness.
  • New to CBT (Iva May): Participants will understand how the Bible’s big story drives Bible literacy, transforms believers and equips them to engage 21st century culture through apologetics, evangelism, discipleship, and missions.

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