Every story that ranks in The New York Times Top Ten Best Books introduces interesting characters in a captivating plot that magnetically attracts the attention of millions of readers.

No book, however, has sold more copies than the Bible. The sacred story of the Bible introduces the reader to an extraordinary author who breathes life through the pens of forty authors over a period of 1500 years; yet, few understand fully its story or the implications of its story.

The Bible’s first three chapters stage the story. Chapter one establishes the Author’s good character, the world’s origin and its intricate systems, and the first inhabitants who bear the image of their Creator. Chapter two provides crucial details regarding God’s design for the first couple and their home. Chapter three introduces a clever home-wrecker who promotes distrust and doubt, a couple who commit treason, and God’s promise to rectify the situation. Chapters four of Genesis through Revelation 19 chronicle how God, in spite of man’s rebellion and resistance, fulfills His promise of redemption.

Tyndale’s The One Year Chronological Bible™ offers the same chronology in three translations (NLT, NKJV, NIV) with digital options. The Chronological Bible Teaching blog is dedicated to following the reading of the OYCB and offers a devotional insight from each day’s reading along with a few questions designed to spark further thought.

I invite you to join me as we unpack the story of the Bible in 2017.

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