Shepherd-Shaped: I am My Beloved’s and He is Mine



To ignore the Song of Songs, filled with oriental imagery and metaphors and sometimes considered difficult to understand, is to miss learning and applying marvelous truths about Christian marriage as well as about one’s intimate walk with the Lord.

The Song’s main character–the Shulamite woman–is a biblical Cinderella who can help today’s woman answer such questions as “Who am I?”, “What does being a woman mean?”, and “What can I do to deal with suffering and pain?”

260 pages

Commentary regarding the Song of Songs:

“For in this love poem we find many idealized images of human love between a man and a woman, and if God is comfortable describing his relationship to his people in marital terms, then this Song helps guide the church’s view, not merely of human love, but of God’s love for his bride.” Kapic, Kelly M., Introduction to Communion with the Triune God by John Owen (Wheaton: Crossway, 2007), 35.

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