Newsletter: The Conference

Dear CBT friends,

2018 is proving to be an extraordinary year for Chronological Bible Teaching! I am excited about the many ways God is making Bible literacy a new priority for many in the church. CBT exists to help people read, understand and tell God’s story to others. We offer resources, insightful videos, daily devotional material and small group curriculum to help people raise Bible literacy individually as well as communally. If you ever have any questions, I hope you will reach out to me through the Contact tab on our website. At CBT, we want to come alongside you as you seek God through Scripture. As a way to accomplish this, CBT is offering an upcoming summer conference, so…

Mark your calendars for #BibleLiteracyMovement: The Conference in Memphis,TN! Last year attendees requested a full weekend, and we heard you! On Friday evening August 10th we will lead out with two exciting large group sessions. On Saturday morning August 11th registrants will participant in four of twelve workshops. All of our workshops are designed to help every believer grow in their faith both personally and communally. New to the conference this year is a grouping of break-out sessions aimed directly at pastors and church leadership staff!  This is a great compliment to the break-out sessions already being offered to conference attendees. These church pastor and staff workshops will focus on making Bible literacy the DNA of your church. We want to help your church build Bible literacy across the congregation so that it might become the building blocks of life that only Scripture can bring!

Why a training conference on Bible literacy?

One only has to read the stats to understand that believers are not reading their Bibles, and when they do, they default to Paul’s epistles or the Psalms. There’s nothing wrong with those bits and pieces, but they are only part of the incredible story the Bible tells. Noted writer and speaker Tim Keller ascribes our “dis-membered” understanding of the Bible to the fact that we “read the Bible as a series of disconnected stories, each with a “moral” for how we should live our lives. It is not. Rather it comprises a single story telling us how the human race got into its present condition and how God through Jesus Christ has come and will come to put things right.” #BibleLiteracyMovement: The Conference will help you and your church to know the whole story. Whether you are a lay person, lay leader, church pastor or staff, Bible literacy starts with YOU!  Come join us in August to learn your place in His-story!

Mark your calendar now for the CBT #BibleLiteracyMovement: The Conference on August 10-11, in Memphis, TN. Registration opens on June 1st at  The cost is $59 per participant and includes snacks, drinks, all conference materials, excellent teaching and lunch on Sat.

In January, CBT challenged those interested in growing their personal Bible Literacy to make a commitment in 2018, to read along with CBT in the chronological Bible.  We had nearly 2,000 people take that challenge as part of the #BibleLiteracyMovement! CBT offers subscribers three videos a week (preview, mid-week hard questions, and review and solidify) to aid them in their reading as well as a daily devotional with additional insight to the daily readings. People are still subscribing in May and it is not too late for you or a friend to join in! Hardly a day goes by that we don’t hear how someone is benefitting from the videos. The mid-week “hard questions” with Jennifer May are especially a hit. This video addresses difficult concepts from the reading during the week to aid in cultural, linguistic and theological understanding. If you haven’t already, we hope you will check it out by subscribing to the #BibleLiteracyMovement on our website.

In other news . . . the CBT team went to Nicaragua in March to teach the pastors the New Testament storyline. On the first day, the training kicked off with a time of feedback from last May’s training/teaching when our team taught the Old Testament storyline. It was an incredible time of “show and tell” as, one by one, attendees who had not been at last year’s training stood up and told the story of the Old Testament from memory. Their pastors had taught them to tell the story! Our hearts were encouraged to see how learning God’s story had impacted the pastors and their churches. Also, CBT commissioned a Spanish translation of the M3 men’s discipleship material and had copies printed to give to each of the pastors attending. We anticipate hearing how men have grown in their knowledge of the Word and have been transformed in their thinking.

Please join with us in praying that Bible literacy would be the DNA of Nicaraguan believers so that they may reach all of Nicaragua for Christ.

We hope to see you at the #BibleLiteracyMovement:  The Conference in August. You won’t want to miss it!

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Iva May

CBT Founder and Director