CBT offers several options, including small group discipleship, personal devotions, and Sunday School (weekly) materials. The goal of CBT is to increase Bible literacy in churches and in the lives of individual believers. Churches that launch CBT should involve the entire congregation; this involvement will only occur with pastoral promotion.

Churches that want to begin Sunday School in the calendar year should follow some variation of this schedule:

Plan a CBT Sunday School/Bible Literacy Training Event (Late Summer/Early Fall)
Order 1-Year Chronological Bibles (NKJV/NLT) for each participant (Bibles may be ordered in bulk from Lay Renewal Ministries (www.layrenewal.com)
Order the CBT 52-Lesson Teacher’s Companion to the One-Year Chronological Bible, NKJV for each teacher
Order the 14-Era booklet for every member and urge each member to read the materials
Order bookmarks for each student to use as a visual
Urge students to make a plan to begin reading the Bible as soon as they arrive and are purchased (students should purchase their Bibles instead of being given them—they will appreciate them)
Direct students to the blog for the Bible (http://www.chronologicalbibleteaching.com/category/blog/) for daily devotionals to aid in reading and understanding the text (hard copies of the blog may be ordered from CBT)
Since the goal is congregational involvement, the pastor should learn the 14 eras and teach them to the congregation in November/December, so that the congregation is on the same page for a January start
Teachers should read over and prepare the lessons (helpful materials are found on the website www.chronologicalbibleteaching.com)
Churches may wish to order CBT posters of the 14 eras to hang in each room as a visual aid
Have a day of prayer for CBT implementation
Launch CBT on the first Sunday of the new year
Encourage regular involvement
Pastors may wish to preach from the week’s reading on Wednesday night to encourage reading and foster discussion

-Stan May

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