Hey, everybody! Hope 2018 has been an incredible year so far. Thank you for your passion for Bible literacy, and your support for the #BibleLiteracyMovement.

We are pleased to report that over 1200 people have subscribed to the #BibleLiteracyMovement weekly videos since January 1—some from other countries. Many have contacted us and expressed their appreciation for “making it so easy and interesting.” Nearly 1600 people have subscribed to receive the 365 daily devotions.

In addition, CBT launched “Read With CBT” at Kirby Woods Baptist Church in January. This study meets weekly, will continue throughout the summer, and will finish in December. Participants read the designated reading of the One Year Chronological Bible on their own. The lecture connects the reading to the “big picture” story arc of the Bible, and small groups meet afterwards and delve more deeply into the major stories. Their discussions highlight especially the women stories of the Bible to discover who God is for women, and it’s encouraging to see people having fun exploring the Bible. More than 15 Mid-south churches are represented. Stan teaches a men’s group at night, and the men are working through the men’s discipleship resource, M3: Men, Mindset, and Mission.

It’s not too late to join the Bible literacy movement, regardless of your location! The One Year® Chronological Bible (Tyndale Publishing) offers a digital version, and their reading plan is downloadable for those desiring to use their regular Bible.

A CBT training team is returning to Nicaragua in March to finish teaching the 14 Eras of the Bible to pastors and church leaders. Last March the team taught the nine eras of the Old Testament. The men’s discipleship material, M3: Men, Mindset, and Mission, has been translated into Spanish and is in the printing process. We are excited to give each pastor a copy to use with their men. Join us in praying for a Bible literacy movement among the people of Nicaragua.

Finally, we’ve begun planning for the 2018 CBT Training Conference on August 10-11. Many have requested that we extend the training to include Friday evening, and we have heard you! We have also outgrown our present location, and Kirby Woods Baptist Church in Memphis has graciously allowed us to use their facilities for the 2018 training. While other trainings have focused primarily on the importance of Bible literacy or how to disciple a small group, this training will offer strategies and tools for churches to implement Bible literacy training from the pulpit, in Sunday school classes, and in discipleship groups. We will have specific workshops for pastors, staff, and other church leaders, and we are praying that God will open the doors for at least ten churches to catch the vision for Bible literacy, congregation-wide, in the coming year. Please pray with us, and mark your calendars!

Thank you for joining CBT on the #BibleLiteracyMovement journey.


Iva May

Chronological Bible Teaching CEO

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